How Digital Marketing Process Helps Improve Return On Investment(ROI)?

How Digital Marketing Process Helps Improve Return On Investment(ROI)?

How Digital Marketing Process Helps Improve Return On Investment(ROI)?

Digital Marketing is nothing but sitting at one place and marketing with the help of electronic devices. With this type of marketing, it has become easy to target or reach entire world. Although TV and Radio fall under digital devices category, still they are not the part of this type of marketing method. We also call it online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.

Following are the steps involved in digital marketing process in a subsequent order

In DM, visibility is to get our product/service visible on web, where your target customers can get information about you.

How to get visibility?
You can get visibility in the form of a website, blog, displaying banner ads on various websites, having a Facebook Page, joining groups by starting a group on Linked In ,by Affiliate Marketing, or by running related videos on You tube.

Bringing Targeted Traffic:
It is divided in two parts:
Part 1
Reaching out to people who are looking for your product or services. Let's suppose you are SEO company providing SEO solutions and there is somebody who need SEO solution in West Bengal and searches for it on web by typing "advertising solution in West Bengal" and your company shows up with all other results, that means you have reached your targeted customer.
Part 2
Reaching out to people who are not looking for your product or services but are a part of your potential customer base.

Some visitors do not embark with an intention to buy from you, but it's required to also target such people by adding some activities like giving a small questionnaire or asking to comment etc. This is a method of keeping them engaged on your site.

Lead Generation:
Once you engage people, you generate leads. It can be micro or macro leads.
Once you generate micro leads, you develop them and convert into macro leads, and then you develop your macro leads and convert them into sales.

Best thing about digital marketing is that you can notice and measure your investment done online with the help of Analytics. You can calculate ROI on every single penny spent. It helps in increasing your knowledge of where to invest and where to not.

The last step of digital marketing is retention. Retention is getting the same customer back to your website and selling again. You can do this through email marketing, remarketing, SMS marketing etc.
So this was the digital marketing process in six basic steps.