Best 5 Ad Network companies for Web Marketing

Best 5 Ad Network companies for Web Marketing

Best 5 Ad Network companies for Web Marketing

Some ad networks categorize the sites in their network by the types of content they cover so as to be specific. Travel, beauty, fitness sites, may be grouped into vertical channels and sold to advertisers who want to reach people interested in similar lines. Some networks opt for specific verticals while others are open to almost any type of site.

There are also ad networks which serve to low-budget inventory that give little to no transparency into where the ads will show up. These blind networks offer economical and are classically bought by direct response advertisers who measure performance by CPA (Cost per acquisition) and are less worried for brand safety. Let's have a look at some of the best Ad Networks suitable for web marketing.

1) Leadbit- Leadbit is a direct advertiser offering its services worldwide. They always offer the best performing campaigns in their system providing you with the best quality services. With more than 5 years on the market they made a strong brand that can help you make a real profit. There are n number of people who are pleased by using their services.

2) Google Adsense- Google AdSense offers the best ad performance for international traffic. They have been the world's largest and best advertising network for many years. Account approval for AdSense is pretty time consuming but not impossible.

3) Adcash- Adcash gives a real-time marketing trading platform. It allows to monetise website traffic on their apps or websites by including advertisements from different brands. Advertisers can publish advertisements on applications and also web sites from over 249 areas.

4) HilltopAds- HilltopAds is also global advertising network and is dedicated in giving assistance to online business growth for advertisers and ad networks. They serve for mobile and desktop devices.

5) accommodates a lot of national as well as local advertisers. A few of the's publishers are Forbes, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire etc.

Finally, you have to figure out the methods for blog monetization and ad networks.

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