What Things Are Included in Website Maintenance Services?

What Things Are Included in Website Maintenance Services?

What Things Are Included in Website Maintenance Services?

A website is a mirror image of your company, a website design company has to keep in mind this reality in mind while designing it. Its proper maintenance is required to conduct a smooth business online. We need to keep in mind few points about this service.

1. Adding, Changing or Removing pictures - images found in the gallery or list of customers, employees, keep updating as and when there are changes happening on the pages.

2. Resizing your images or cropping them- sometimes you need to resize your photos, images, which results in changing alignment of all other content present on those pages. It need to be properly managed by the website maintenance team.

3. Adding, Changing or Removing links - few pages might go missing, where your site pages are linked or you want to add/remove new pages.

4. Adding, Changing or Removing videos - popular corporate videos, company profile videos, business explainer videos and all related videos and clips can be edited as per the requirement. As a result, they need to be reinserted or removed at times.

5. Adding, Changing or Removing PDF documents- some documents like forms to be filled up or informative leaflets, brochures etc. can change over time and need to be uploaded back to the website with new looks.

6. Changing colours or layouts- when a theme has to be decided for the company, it needs to be updated on the website too because the website reflects the brand.

7. Replacing or changing logos- changing of logos causes changes to be made on site too. Each and every page of the company's site should show their logo.

For more information refer to the next website maintenance blog, so stay tuned!