Website Redesigning Tips for Website Design Company- Part 2

Website Redesigning Tips for Website Design Company- Part 2

Website Redesigning Tips for Website Design Company- Part 2

A Website design company plays a key role in creating a successful digital identity for a brand. Here we will see some more tips for Redesigning process for a company in continuation with the earlier blog Website Redesigning Tips for Website Design Company

1. Focusing on Visuals and Graphics

Not just logos, icons, and background graphics, a stronger visual presence for your business a redesign needs to bring forward. This can be stunning product photos, video, and other visual content like infographics, memes and videos.

People always tend to remember strong visual elements. Using real photos of your clients and employees will drive more customers than a photo that looks like a stock image.
Also, if you redesign the purpose of your site's images for your SMM, then this can lead to higher engagement from your followers.

2. Dedicated Landing Pages

Landing pages are dedicated pages of your site used to provide a single offer and call-to-action.
You%u2019ll have to test individual landing pages while redesigning.

At least a third of your relevant traffic is likely to come from social media sites. Social media should have right thumbnail images, headlines, and descriptions.

Consistency in your site%u2019s colors, images, logo, and other visual is important.
Prominent Social Media Links on footer, header, or sidebar works well.

3. Pay Attention to Personalization

First, personalization gives customers what they want. Personalization can even grow your business and business profits by 15%.

4. Do not forget SEO

SEO strategy of your new design will mark how easily your target audience can find your site using a search engine like Google or Bing. SEO is especially important for eCommerce sites, since search is still their number one source of referral traffic.