Use of Facebook Marketing Strategy in SEO Services industry

Use of Facebook Marketing Strategy in SEO Services industry

Use of Facebook Marketing Strategy in SEO Services industry

Search Engine Optimization is used for getting more website visits ultimately leading to more leads via search engines. A SEO company has to understand client's requirements before making any plan for optimization. Website visits through social media promotions may significantly increase the conversions. For that purpose, Facebook marketing is important for any SEO company.

Facebook marketing is one of the effective way of expanding your business by creating a Facebook page and spreading it to display services like a communications channel. SEO service can create individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations, or any group attempting to develop a fan base for a product, service, or brand.

So here we want to touch on Facebook marketing uses.

Considering the growing amount of facebook users, every business should be using Facebook marketing strategy. Now-a-days it is as essential as having a business web page. Creating this type of page is much easier. Whether you represent a big brand or a small business employing only a handful of people, at least some portion of your customers are guaranteed to make use of Facebook.
Fashion brand, e-commerce portal, Software solutions, food, social cause almost any kind of brand/service can be promoted through Facebook, this can result into good number of shares.

1. Local businesses- Whether a business is family-owned, or a franchise of a larger company, a Facebook page can be used to turn a local customer base into a fan base that more commonly visits your store.

2. Personalities/Celebrities- Musicians, actors, authors anybody who makes their money through popularity has to be known by as many people as they can.

3. Non-profit organizations/ NGO- Charities, political groups, and public service campaigns can all leverage the natural sharing capabilities of Facebook.

What is the ideal time for marketing on Facebook?
For brand and company pages, posts made in the morning attract more comments than those in the afternoon. Non-working people may check Facebook at any time during the day compared to working or college-goings. They often check Facebook before and after work/college; therefore, if you are only posting during the 9-5 business time then you may loose a lot of opportunities.