Technical SEO facts for beginners

Technical SEO facts for beginners

Technical SEO facts for beginners

Search Engine Optimization has taken over the world and the only reason is, it being a huge part of the success of an organization. Stronger the SEO, greater the success! An SEO beginner is always aware of basic SEO techniques but, sometimes miss out on the technical part of it. Here, we will share with you some technical SEO facts that you should know as a beginner.

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Homepage first and rest later
Whenever Google crawls your site, the first page that it crawls is your homepage and rest pages are crawled later. In a case, where a certain page from your site has more links than the homepage and the page with the larger number of links, get crawled first.

The noarchive tag won't stop you from ranking
Using a noarchive tag will only hide the cached version of your page in the Google search results but, it would not affect your ranking. You can use a noarchive tag and still maintain your rankings.

Structure sitemap, the way you want to
The only concern of Google regarding a sitemap is that, it should be in XML (extensible markup language). If it is in XML, you can structure it the way you want to.

Robots.txt files are case sensitive
To get your file recognized, it is mandatory that the name of the file should always be in lower case (robots.txt). Also, it should always be placed in the main directory as it is the only location where crawlers look for a robots.txt file.

With all these easy technical facts in your hands and a little practice and research will definitely enlighten your knowledge of technical SEO. Read our next SEO blog - Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Are Essential For Your Business?