Outside SEO: Googlebot Optimization

Outside SEO: Googlebot Optimization

Outside SEO: Googlebot Optimization

We all know about SEO, its technique, relevancy of keywords, meta tag & meta description, site map & site structure, content and more and more other stuff. But apart from this we are not thinking about Googlebot and its optimization. 

Googlebot Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are two chapters of optimization. Googlebot Optimization has more depth than SEO. SEO concentrates on user queries while Googlebot Optimization focuses on Google’s crawler.

What is Googlebot?

Googlebot also known as Spider it is Google’s own search bot which crawls through website and creates index. The key role of bot is to crawl each an every page it’s allowed to access it, and then add it to index where it can be accessed and returned when users’ search queries.

Understanding Googlebot & its optimization is crucial but we make simple to understand you. Here its guide line:

1. Googlebot uses his time in crawling sites which has significant pagerank. Bot has own budgeted time which he spents on individual site known as “Crawl Budget”. More the page authority, more it gets the crawl budget.

2. Site crawling is always done by Googlebot. Google says bot should not access a site more than once every few second. In simple words, site is being crawled always by Googlebot. The good point is every page is not crawled by Googlebot all the time, the bot crawls fresh content when it get index. This was the most highlighted discussion in most of the SEO Services Company.

3. Robot.txt File. Robot.txt file is the ruling part of crawling, it gives access and instruction to Googlebot for crawling. Pages which are disallowed in the file will not be crawled and indexed. 

4. Site.xml File. Site.xml file is use to discover each and all the areas of the site that are to be crawled & indexed by Googlebot. Every page and section of site are build in different variation, So the crawler may not crawl the whole site. Site.xml file helps crawler to figure out each and every page and section of site.