Instagram Marketing Method as an Effective SEO Service

Instagram Marketing Method as an Effective SEO Service

Instagram Marketing Method as an Effective SEO Service

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms in very short time. It has millions of active users, including the most popular brands and personalities. It has become a marketing tool to make things viral in right way. Instagram Marketing Method is an Effective SEO Service.
Here are some of the most effective strategies you can use to optimize your brand's Instagram account.

1. Instagram Stories
Users post photos and short videos in Instagram Stories that last for 24-hour period and be updated on current events and happenings. This is a powerful tool For SEO service to help promote their brand on Instagram. It has features like polls, live video, GIFs, a swipe up feature, and more filter options. Various companies are promoting it to show upcoming and current events, new products, or important announcements. Eatigo, Goibibo, Urbanladder etc. Using Instagram Stories is an effective way of marketing your brand online, and increase audience engagement and traffic.

2. Instagram Live Video
With the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter offering live video services to their users, the number of live video streaming platforms have increased over the years. Instagram Live video can be used in different events like press conferences, announcements or even concerts. This feature helps viewers to interact with you and spread a word among them.

3. Optimize Hashtags
Instagram makes use of hashtags #, it is used for users to search for content that they are looking for. It is a mechanism to keep your posts under a common umbrella. It is good to choose the best hashtags related to the content.

4. Optimize Your personal profile
It is important to make sure that your Instagram profile signifies about your brand. Put a short description of your product and service in it. You can even change your description regularly for making announcements.

5. Local Optimization
Making use of location tags help inform your users where your store, company or office is located. There are brands on Instagram that offer quality products and services but do not get high conversions since the venue is not shown.

With the right strategy, you can create viral and high traffic which will be helpful in more conversions and lead generations.