Best RSS Readers Used As One of SMM Method

Best RSS Readers Used As One of SMM Method

Best RSS Readers Used As One of SMM Method

RSS feeds are particularly useful for posting on social networks you or your clients who aren't active. Check out the list of RSS Readers used as Social Media Marketing method -

1. Feedreader Online- The first one among this list of the best RSS feed readers is Feedreader Online which is in existence for more than a decade and free of cost. It presents your feed in the form of headlines. Social Media Marketing is a need of today and in this, there are viewing options used for marketing, even it is possible to create categories for RSS feeds, export or import them, bookmark the feeds, etc. Feedreader also provides a bunch of helpful keyboard shortcuts to make things easier. Feedreader Observer is a new version of this.

2. Inoreader- Inoreader also offers a great mix of features like options to read on the web, iOS as well as Android, it becomes easy to move between feeds on multiple devices, create offline folders of feed.

3. Feedbin- If you are an iOS and Mac user, then Feedbin may be a good option for you because of its elegant design. It's possible to manage and sort articles in your feed. It's a paid app for people who are serious about their RSS feeds.

4. Newsify- This one is another great option for web interface and works very well as iOS app. Syncing with iCloud account creating offline folders for reading and night mode for late-night reading these are some of the new features found in this app.

5. Feedly- Feedly is a very well-known name in the world of RSS feed readers and one main reason behind it is its UI. It is available in free and paid both versions for both web and mobile versions. Categorize multiple sources feeds under one collection, adding filters to separate unwanted posts.

So, these are some great RSS feed readers available today that you can give a try. Choose the one you like and start consuming your favourite stories right away.
SMM uses a variety of digital marketing methods which we'll discuss in our blogs. So, stay updated with us. Read- Great Tool RSS Feeds for Use In Social Media Marketing