A Website Development Company Shortfalls and How We Have Overcome Them!

A Website Development Company Shortfalls and How We Have Overcome  Them!

A Website Development Company Shortfalls and How We Have Overcome Them!

A website has to be clear and concise in order to showcase a company's image effectively, though the company size is very small or larger. We have different plans for varying needs corresponding to how much functionality you need in the site and how quickly you'd like new features developed. Apart from these, how much support you're going to need and how active you want us to be in finding ways of improving the site are also other factors.

Our team focuses on results as well. Our web sites are aimed to get launched quickly, generate sales, reduce your costs, and prepare to help your business grow. We have come across issues related to website development and studied and worked hard on them to avoid in our work.

Problem No. 1- Most of the sites fail or stop working after an upgrade on some part of it due to which it affects the entire site to break down.

Our Solution- We provide rigorous control over our change management process and can usually undo upgrades if something goes wrong. The software we use is a joint effort of thousands of developers and therefore adequate testing of every aspect of a site is made sure.

Problem No. 2-The Internet is a bit of a nasty place to get e-commerce site getting hacked. There are a lot of criminals looking to spread spam and viruses using your web site. Any web site can be hacked.

Our Solution- The vast majority of hosts still use FTP for file transfer; an extremely insecure protocol that was outmoded years ago. As a solution, managing your own servers doesn't give rise to hacking issues.

Problem No. 3- Requirements aren't clearly defined. If you've hired a company for web work but now probably you've realized that you need to be extremely precise and thorough about what the finished site needs to look like, and you need to revisit its working as well.

Our Solution- We help our customers identify goals and rank them by priority. We start with the earlier configuration, and ultimately focus to modify that configuration towards prioritized goals without affecting the existing platform.