6 Technical Mistakes in SEO Which Can Affect Your Website Adversely

6 Technical Mistakes in SEO Which Can Affect Your Website Adversely

6 Technical Mistakes in SEO Which Can Affect Your Website Adversely

Search Engine Optimization is the act of increasing your presence on the internet in a non paid manner. SEO consists of creative and technical aspects which contribute to this process. It is done to increase the internet traffic and create more visibility on search engines. In this process, people tend to make some mistakes in the technical aspects without their knowledge which can be detrimental to the process, thus affecting your company as a whole. They are as follows:

1. Non optimization of meta tags: Meta tag is something which tells the search engine what your content/website is all about. They usually appear in the page code.SEO managers tend to ignore the optimization of meta tags. Actually by optimizing your meta tags, you can improve your search ranking.

Here are some meta tags which you can optimize:
• Meta key words attributes
• Title tags
• Meta description attitudes
• Meta robots attributes

2. Non optimization of website speed: In a rapidly evolving world, people have begun to rely on high speed internet such that slow internet creates frustration among the users. Even by having a high speed internet connection, websites tend to load slowly. Slow loading of website can be detrimental to your company as in a world of high speed internet, people expect websites to load quickly as speed of the loading time of websites is also attributed to the ranking of a website. If they don’t, they tend to close the website.

Therefore websites also have to be optimized such that they load with minimum lagging. Websites can be optimized through the following ways:
• Optimization of images
• Enabling of browser caching
• Optimization of CSS

3. Having a non mobile friendly website: We live in a world which has a lot of cell phone consumers, particularly smart phones. Earlier it was treated as a luxury but today it is treated as a necessity. Studies show that a lot of people tend to view the website of the companies on their cell phones too. If your websites are not mobile friendly, it becomes tough to use actual websites and thus people will feel dissatisfied with the same. Therefore, website should be optimized for cell phones too

4. Lack of data link analysis: In a website it is necessary to have links which can function without any problems. Today Google has the ability to detect poorly functioning links and links which hamper a website. So in order to prevent the inclusion of poorly functioning links, you can remove the low quality bookmark links after running analysis.

5. Incorrect redirects:
Have you changed your website format from HTTP to HTTPS? If no, this is to inform you that faulty redirects can not only affect your website but also impact SEO severely.

6. Exclusion of canonical tags: A canonical tag is a method used to consolidate duplicate URLs. If your website has the same content in different URLs, then you can add canonical tags to prevent the issue of content duplication. If you are having two websites with same URLs, canonical tags will tell the search engines to consider both the websites as one. It helps in the reduction of time spent on duplicate pages.

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