Role Of Display Advertising In Web Marketing

Role Of Display Advertising In Web Marketing

Role Of Display Advertising In Web Marketing

Web marketing also know as internet marketing or online marketing, are the different names given to Web marketing methodology.

Let's understand how Display Advertising helps in marketing over internet effective. There are different types of display marketing.
1. Ad Network
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Real-time bidding
4. Performance marketing
5. Behavioural targeting
6. Contextual targeting
7. Native advertising
8. Programmatic Advertising
9. Multi-display marketing

The aim of display marketing is not only sales, leads, and orders can be increased but also campaigns will serve to promote the branding and brand image.

Display marketing billing
For a display marketing campaign, advertisement space on the respective portal must first be booked or purchased. Online advertising works on the same lines with offline as well. The advertiser reserves advertising space on search engine, social media platform etc. then the publisher publicizes the advertisement. Display marketing billing has different parameters such as most commonly used is the CPT (cost per thousand), CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost per sale) or combinations of the various parameters.

Advantages of Display marketing billing
1. Large scope of campaigns.
2. Different types of target customers can be addressed directly.
3. Graphic banners are compatible with mobile apps.
4. Effective performance with cookies and other tracking methods.
5. Users are immediately attracted to buy.
6. Brand Image building.
7. Improved brand awareness through broader coverage.
8. easy monitoring and reporting.
9. suitable for remarketing.

Display marketing in certain contexts can also have negative effects on the brand.
Importance for web marketing

Display marketing is still one of the strongest markets on the global economy. Now-a-days Advertisers directly address the younger groups and expressively improve the interaction and acceptance rates using moving pictures.

Display marketing in the area of virtual reality is another great field of interest in the near future!