Role of Ad Networks in Web Marketing Services

Role of Ad Networks in Web Marketing Services

Role of Ad Networks in Web Marketing Services

Web marketing services are never complete without the advertisements. The basic aim of a publisher behind running the ads is nothing but getting revenue.
An advertising network is an online company that brings advertisers to website pages that want to host advertisements. Websites with a friendly interface, more traffic and more engagements are specifically selected as publisher.

An advertiser can buy a network package, or a category package within the network. The ad network serves advertisements from its central server, to a site once a page is loaded. A code snippet is called from the ad server, that represents the ad banner.

Types of ad networks based on business strategy

They are classified in three groups based on how they work with both advertisers and publishers/ bloggers/ website owners-

Vertical networks: They show full transparency about, on what section of the page their ads will run. These types of networks promote high quality traffic at market prices and are often used by brand marketers. Basically, Vertical Networks offer advertising on full site or across specific Channels like automobiles.

Blind networks: These companies offer good pricing to direct marketers who do not wish to publish the ads on specific zones of the page.
Targeted networks: these ad networks, focus on specific targeting technologies such as behavioural or contextual.

Many ad networks companies hold campaigns on behalf of advertisers. Then, an ad network and buyer negotiate the terms of an ad buy such as targeted audience, the number of times an ad is served i.e. impressions and average cost per impression (CPM).

Online advertising comes in many different forms, including ad spaces on desktop sites as well as mobile sites, RSS feeds, blogs, instant messaging applications, mobile applications, adware, e-mails and other media.

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