How Auto Share Helps Posting on Social Media Easy? - Part 2

How Auto Share Helps Posting on Social Media Easy? - Part 2

How Auto Share Helps Posting on Social Media Easy? - Part 2

Using content marketing to promote your content is an important step. You need to make sure people actually come and see your website content. Social Media Optimization tools can help you plan and schedule future social media postings by automatically sharing your blog content in social media.
Here's a recount of each and every one of them.

Social Warfare
It is a WordPress plugin which can control how your content looks when shared on social media sites Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. One can pay for an annual premium license specifically for the Pinterest. Whereas availing Twitter and Facebook optimization is also recommended. Customized sharing buttons of social icons above and below blog posts on many sites, also possible to enter custom meta data that social networks use to pick the title, image, and shared content when a link is shared.

Email list building features is possible with the help of Sumo, but it also comes packed with social sharing tools in the same plugin. You can even add sharing buttons on your posts giving options to share images directly to social networks, and also highlight and share text. The important thing is Sumo works both with WordPress and non-WordPress sites.

MeetEdgar allows you to create custom queues of content to schedule out for the future on Social sites. Some content on your site is evergreen and can be shared periodically. Re-share and re-post most popular and most useful content again and again on a regular or random schedule is a good alternative.

One more social media management tool that helps you plan and schedule future social media postings. Free version of Buffer allows you to connect one account per platform at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google , and you can schedule up to ten future postings on each account. It is useful if you want to stop in once per week or you can pay for the premium version to do a little more automation.
With the RSS feed Buffer can be used to extract the title and other content for other purposes, like sharing on social media.

Once activated, you can connect your site to social networks automatically and share new posts to your connected social account. Embedding sharing buttons in your blog posts and pages with one-click options on other platforms.

Don't ignore social sharing and do follow social media Marketing best practices with best use of tools.