How Auto Share Helps Posting on Social Media Easy? - Part 1

How Auto Share Helps Posting on Social Media Easy? - Part 1

How Auto Share Helps Posting on Social Media Easy? - Part 1

Promoting/sharing your post to social media channels is as important as creating an engaging content. SMO(Social Media Optimization) is a part of Digital Marketing and relates to broadcasting your posts to your relevant social networks which can significantly enhance visitors to your site. This will help you improve your overall search rankings.
If you want your content to be found, no matter what topic it is, you must be active on social media. That's why, it's important to publish your posts to your own social networks every time you add a new content to your site. Not all the bloggers in the world are free all the time to promote their new posts to Google , Twitter, Facebook and other social networking.

Here we have come up with the new solution and that is automating the way of promoting all the latest content using social media auto-posting plug-ins.

1. Crowdfire
Connect all the social media accounts to Crowdfire, and everyday it will suggest new ways that they can help grow your audience organically and robotically.

2. Post Planner
You will get a Post Planner dashboard in that what websites are of your interests and they'll collect all of the best content from around the world. Post Planner also rates every content based on engagement and can automatically post the best to any of your accounts at a future time.

3. Later
If you want to increase your reach on Instagram or Facebook, Later is an amazing tool to help you post the right images at the right times. With this app you can upload future posts, perfect your hashtags, and schedule a future time for the photo to be published to your followers. You can even schedule a week's content.

4. Boardbooster
It is an automation tool used specially for Pinterest, since it's inbuilt you don't need any additional app, extension, plug-in or outside websites. The free version of Boardbooster allows users to schedule maximum 100 pins and the software then posts at best times of day based on the analytics.

5. IFTTT (if this then that)
IFTTT is another free service that permits you to use tools, apps, and let platforms talk to each other automatically.
All the above automators will help your posting easy and in scheduled time.